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Google Ventures:
Headspin is rethinking mobile app performance

Roles: Brand Identity | Company Positioning | Design Strategy | Creative Direction | Product Design | Launch Strategy | User Experience Strategy

HeadSpin is an all-in-one mobile performance platform for managing mobile user experience globally. Experience your app around the world, the same way your users do. HeadSpin has one simple goal: Give developers the ability to experience their mobile app or website the way their users around the world do.

Together with Google Ventures, we headed the brand and product design on one of their enterprise investments, a turnkey solution for mobile app performance around the world called HeadSpin.

The HeadSpin Brand is built on the idea of a global presence. With 20,000 mobile devices in 150 locations around the world, HeadSpin wanted to highlight their global infrastructure. Through advanced AI technology, HeadSpin has reinvented the app testing category with the first distributed performance platform.

Real Devices. Real Locations. Real World Conditions.

The guiding principle for the HeadSpin product design is Simplicity. We made it our goal to make all of our hardware and software products super intuitive to use.   


The HeadSpin hardware has to be robust. It is shipped all over the world and into areas with limited access to electricity, high humidity, heat waves and frigid cold. We had to design for the extremes and make sure that we had an uptime of 100%, and at the same time making sure it is extremely secure. We achieved all of this while remaining under budget.


User experience is a top priority for all of our software. Because of the amount of data we needed to show in our UI, we embraced the strategy of only using color to highlight the most critical information on each page. What we achieved is a easy to ready user interface which focuses the eye on key areas of information.

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