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Trendbook 01: Minimalism

For us at Social Studies of California, minimalism in is not about an aesthetic or a stylistic way of looking at design, but instead it is striving to remove the superfluous in the products we use, the spaces we inhabit and in the visuals that we use to communicate. 

Social Studies of California is a multidisciplinary studio focused on the communal qualities of design. Combining behavioral research and design disciplines, we work across the fields of Architecture, Interiors, Product Design, Graphic Design and Brand Strategy.

Google New York City

Google NYC was designed to be the first physical touchpoint for new customers and a curated user experience for introducing people to Google Glass. Through a series of carefully orchestrated steps, new customers walk through the main functions of the device and best practices to get the most out of the product while interacting with the Google NYC space.

Roles: Retail Design | Product Experiences | Spatial Experiences | Architecture | Interiors

Social Studies was founded by Design Researcher & Creative Director, Lauren Woodward, with the purpose of enhancing life through design. We combine a high level of taste, intellectual ideas and thoughtful craftsmanship to each of our projects. 

Block Shelving System

The Block Shelving System is the first completely floating shelving system for home and work. This modern shelving system is made from precision-cut hardwood and enamel powder-coated steel. Originally designed for high traffic retail stores, the display shelving system is available to display everything from your cherished collection of beatnik poetry or your succulent garden.

Roles: Product Design | Brand Strategy | Business Strategy | Digital Design

Creating Conversations Through Design.

We believe in a hands on approach to design, that is why our design process is about making things just as much as designing things. Whether we are creating a physical space or a brand identity, we develop a tactile material palette to enhance the unique story of each project in order to create compelling brand experiences.

Form+Matter Beauty

A-Frame is a shop within a shop, this riff on a classic wooden A-frame structure does more than offer a minimalist, usable presentation of product; its core design DNA matches that of the brand it actively houses. On top of that, it's a flat-pack design, lending an additional edge regarding storage and mobility.

Roles: Retail Design | Product Design | Packaging | Product Experiences | Point of Sale

What we do


Our strategic practice is about building authentic brands that tell compelling stories with rock solid products. 

  • Growth Strategy

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Identity & Guidelines

  • Data Science

  • Research & Markets


It's all about your product. Working with your  specific needs we have only one goal. that is to create products with that "wow" experiences.

  • Product Design

  • Digital Design

  • User Experience (UX/UI) Design

  • Development & Engineering

  • Packaging & Point of Sale


We are lovers of good spaces. We approach each spacial environment as a series of  human experiences that we are dedicated to enhance life.

  • Architecture & Interiors

  • Workspace Design

  • Exhibition Design

  • Marketing Installations

  • Furniture & Fixture Design

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