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For us at Social Studies of California, minimalism in is not about an aesthetic or a stylistic way of looking at design, but instead it is striving to remove the superfluous in the products we use, the spaces we inhabit and in the visuals that we use to communicate. 

Social Studies Trendbooks

The Social Studies Trendbooks are a resource for designers, architects, trend forecasters and research strategists to quickly reference a curated selection of projects on a particular theme. Each project is selected based on the way that the form and functionality come together to produce a unique example of the topic.

Issue 01: Minimalism

Issue 02: Workspaces

Issue 03: Retail Design

Issue 04: interior Landscaping

Issue 05: Monochromatic

Issue 06: Packaging Design

Issue 07: Visual Merchandising

Issue 08: Hotel Design

Issue 09: Brand & Identity

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